What is Shabad ?

Shabad – this blog – is the travelogue of my spiritual journey. As I wander on this planet as a physical being, I catalog my experiences, learnings on a spiritual plane. It’s my journey to “Know Thyself“. It’s a journey I have taken to travel inside.

On this journey, I choose to be guided by the wisdom & knowledge of the written & sacred Shabad – that is – The Guru Granth – the teachings & essence of Sikh Gurus. Even though, Sikhs (followers of Sikh religion), proclaim, Guru Granth to be their Guru or Master, I strongly believe that Guru Granth has a universal appeal & the written Shabad (teachings) apply to all humans equally without the distinction or discrimination of race, religion, caste, creed, sex & nationality.

Shabad, hence, is the eternal knowledge/wisdom that familiarizes us with the workings of our mind. By doing so, it liberates us from the impulsive, self inclined & even destructive behaviors of our mind. Shabad, guides us to recognize & realize our true nature, which is one of pure bliss. At peace & one with ourselves, Shabad, then manifests in a journey where we recognize that our true nature is same as everyone(& everything) else in this universe – the bed rock of peace & harmony (especially in today’s world). We then, innovate & live only to make this world a better place without any agenda or personal benefit. That is the power of Shabad.

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-Chetandeep Singh

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