Home is what I want …

By Chetandeep Singh – February 7th 2015

I wander outside looking for unknown,

I dabble, I dibble but remain fearful.

I know not myself, more afraid to find out,

stare at walls & sky trying to be quiet.

I am royally confused looking for wisdom,

knowing not that it comes from inside.

Shall I rip apart, or screw open,

looking for the wisdom that eludes.

I compare, I run, I burn,

ashes, ashes and ego …

There’s no respite in sight

friends ask to look inside,

I stare at walls & sky trying to be quiet.

I know not what i want

i consume what I don’t want

mind is foggy, lack of clarity

I am tired of running.

I need to sit but not stare at walls & sky

I need not to look inside but return home

home is where the peace is

home is what I want.